We think that the quality of a program depends on the quantity and on the quality of the user's feedback - the more feedback the better the program will get! So if you have any critics, problems or suggestions, please feel free to

I will try to answer your requests as soon as possible, normally within few days. In the past most problems (or bugs) have been solved within less than one week and found their way into SVN.


Since we use GIT, there are no separate developer releases. So if you are curious, have an urgent need for a feature that is currently disabled or if you have problems with the latest stable release, you can check out the current developer's code via GIT, just follow the instructions in the Kwave handbook.

For all who are interested in the latest development news and changes of Kwave should go to the kwave-project-newspage.

If you are developer or author, you can help on one of the following topics: