Manual Compilation and installation

Since version 0.7.10 Kwave uses cmake, a make system that is also used by KDE itself. So if you know how to build other KDE applications, you should not have any difficulties in building Kwave. If you run into problems please report them to the Kwave mailing list.

In order to compile and install Kwave on your system, it is best practice to do a out-of-tree build. This means that you hold the sources of Kwave in one directory and build the package in another (temporary) directory.

For example, assuming that your sources are already unpacked in $HOME/src/kwave-0.9.3, you can do the following:

% mkdir /tmp/kwave-build
% cd /tmp/kwave-build
% cmake $HOME/src/kwave-0.9.3 [build options]
% make
% su root -c "make install"

(Specifying build options is a way to enable or disable specific features. See the following section for descriptions)