Building a DEB package for testing and personal use

If you want to create a deb package of Kwave, e.g. for testing a version that is not yet available via official package repositories, then you can create your own package quite easily. First of all, you need to install some required tools:

% sudo apt-get install build-essential checkinstall

Then you can install the required build dependencies by pretending to install the dependencies of the official Kwave version:

% sudo apt-get build-dep kwave

After installing the required packages, you can build Kwave as described in the chapters before. After building you can type this to get a .deb file in your current build directory:

% make deb


The .deb file you get from this step will not have the quality that a package from your official distribution has - it is just good enough for installing and safely uninstalling Kwave for testing purposes and for personal use.