Build options

By specifying build options, you can enable or disable some features of Kwave, like excluding some components or plugins from the generated package. Here is a list of the available options:

  • WITH_ALSA enable playback/recording via ALSA [on/off, default=on]

  • WITH_DEBUG build a debug version [on/off, default=off]

  • WITH_DOC build online documentation [on/off, default=on]

  • WITH_FLAC enable support for FLAC files [on/off, default=on]

  • WITH_MP3 enable support for mp3 files [on/off, default=off] Please note that you need the permission to use code covered by the MP3 software patents!

  • WITH_OGG_OPUS enable support for Ogg/Opus files [on/off, default=on]

  • WITH_OGG_VORBIS enable support for Ogg/Vorbis files [on/off, default=on]

  • WITH_OPTIMIZED_MEMCPY use an optimized version of memcpy, available for X86, X86_64 and PPC platforms [on/off, default=on]

  • WITH_OSS enable playback/recording via OSS [on/off, default=on]

  • WITH_PULSEAUDIO enable playback/recording via PulseAudio [on/off, default=on]

  • WITH_QT_AUDIO enable playback via Qt Multimedia [on/off, default=on]

These options can be passed to cmake with -Doption=value. For example, if you want to enable MP3 support, you can pass the corresponding option as follows:

% cmake [source directory] -DWITH_MP3=ON [other options...]